A Connection in Question

How do you explain the correlation in our habits or the choices we make to unwind?

Is it a coincidence that every rhythm you play pulls the heartstrings to my life? Or is it just an accident that we go throughout our days searching for signs?

Then, fooling ourselves that we’re both just fine because we’re not trusting our simultaneous outcries.

Consistently shoving aside a loving practice that is so rarely conceived, because our world is boring and sexually easy.

Here we are once more, putting the universe in the corner and rejecting its purpose, which leaves me scared.

Because the moment to do this might be too late for either of us to bare. Since, I’m feeling my heart leaving the station and you on the train with it, split into a tear.

Are We Ever Really Sure?

The Graduate(1967)

As soon as we leave the womb our presence is measured by progress, and by the amount of knowledge consumed.

The amount of time we have tightens as our milestones collected along the way-makes us question our stay.

What happens after the diploma touches your palm? And the window starts closing in, grabbing your breath, suddenly you’re no longer calm.

Your glory days have gone and now it’s time to contemplate what went wrong. Until, you realize that the moon is out-watching you cry the same old song.

How can I have a destiny without ever taking a risk? What lies in my future could be something I already missed.

Am I even sure I want this?

A weekend under false pretenses


People never talk about body manipulation.

The way it possesses our expectations and

falsely caresses our satisfactions.

The lies in which we lay in bed

with our mouths performing,

hands scamming and actings heads.

The sensations of our juices flowing,

unleashing plentiful dread.

Until, we are excitable lovers nonetheless

but only during this game of sex.

Awaiting for the climaxes to past,

one of us is looking for what’s next.

But the other party gets dressed,

as if the contract has been honored and

we agreed on a settlement.

Dashing for the obligated exit.

Introduce Yourself….

I’m a graduate with a journalism degree who is in middle of feeling like Dustin Hoffman in “The Graduate” but not entirely because coffee has done wonders for my levels of optimism and false productivity. So, here’s to keeping busy, motivated, and inspired in a pandemic.